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Alex Saab, Maduro’s Front Man, Betrayed Him in 2019 After Meeting U.S. Officials

Saab delivered confidential information to the U.S in 2019 before he was arrested and charged with money laundering.

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Alex Saab, frontman for Venezuela’s dictator Nicolás Maduro, delivered confidential information to the United States in 2019, before he was arrested and charged with money laundering.

AP journalist Joshua Goodman revealed on his Twitter account that Saab had secret meetings with American law enforcement and provided intelligence information. According to new documents in the case, University of Miami professor Bruce Bagley is also accused of being Saab’s frontman.

Bagley is an expert in drug trafficking and organized crime in Latin America, but decided to apply his knowledge to launder money not only for Alex Saab, but for the regimes of Iran and Venezuela.

The document, partially published by the AP journalist, states that Professor Bagley received money to pay Saab’s lawyers who advised him and accompanied him “to meetings with the U.S. government, during which Saab provided information about the Maduro government”.

The document notes that Saab was concerned that the Venezuelan regime would learn of these payments to Bagley or of the joint meetings. 

“The concern was not that the U.S. would learn of these payments, but that they would be discovered by individuals and the government of Venezuela,” the document states.

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