Super Bowl

Sports and Politics Do Not Mix

America’s prime, single-day sporting event is the Super Bowl. This year it will be carried out under out in an unrecognizable America. It is a country where the left has subdued culture hegemonically

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The adage that politics and sports do not mix is so true. When it is ideology more so than mere political partisanship, it is destructive. American professional sports have become a political force for one of cultural Marxism’s main tenets: Critical Race Theory. Super Bowl 55 promises to be another inglorious spectacle held hostage by woke culture. This calamity is tragically vascularizing America fast.

There was a day when sports served to ease social tensions. Racial, ethnic, educational, and economic societal differences would find in sporting events the unparalleled remedy of harmony. Disparities were set aside, as rooting for the home team became the paramount intention of the day. Official political inclination pronouncements by the sports enterprises and players, much less a particular worldview, were forbidden fruits in the world of professional athletic competition.  Today, that is no longer the case.

The National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), and Major League Baseball (MLB) have all succumb, not to reformed-minded, gradualist approaches to systemic betterment with the intent of upholding prudence and popular accord, but for the radical catcalling that aggressively seeks the full overhaul of the existing order.

Do any of these players understand the socialist onslaught which they are supporting would involve the effective confiscation of most their earnings? Would they still kneel for this Marxist directed political religion and applaud the sequestration of hefty sums of their salaries to “help” the perceived “anguished masses”?

Super Bowl LII (WikiCommons)

America’s prime, a single-day sporting event is the Super Bowl. This year it will be carried out under out in an unrecognizable America. It is a country where the left has subdued culture hegemonically, and a technological oligarchy with the industrial media, collude with big business and impact a major party now in full political power. The NFL, one of the early instigators of this Critical Race Theory, will likely be in a festive mood at this game.

As the fundamental differences that separate the two Americas deepen their divide, it is ultimately irrelevant who is playing today or who will win. America has already lost. At least this battle. I for one, will not be watching this sporting/propaganda event. When football, as well as baseball and basketball, regain the civility of citizenship in a plural society, I will rejoin the ranks of a devoted fan. Until then, the nation and challenging the tyranny of socialist identity politics comes first.   

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