Staining Your Hands With Blood in Exchange For a Few Barrels?

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The Biden administration has already confirmed that it sent a delegation to Venezuela to discuss the American hostages held by the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro and “energy security.” The administration seems to want—to some extent—to replace Russian oil supplies with Venezuelan crude.

Is it worth staining one’s hands with blood in exchange for a few barrels of oil? The answer is, of course, no. Removing sanctions on the Venezuelan regime would not only be a slap in the face to the millions of Americans who were born in Latin America and came to this country fleeing socialism, but it would also be a relief to a dictatorship that has kidnapped, murdered and ruined the lives of millions. A tyranny that also continues to maintain the Cuban regime and keeps working regionally to bring about a communist revolution in Latin America.

The United States has begun to understand, a hard way, that what happens in the region does affect it. This is not the time to tear down the sanctions and inject money into the head of the monster to finance a socialism in the neighborhood that will bring millions of migrants and open the doors to the enemies of this country, such as Iran and Russia.

We do not want to get our hands dirty with blood, nor do we want to make new deals with tyrants who, sooner rather than later, will put the security of the country at risk.

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