Detrás del paro hay estructuras criminales internacionales: congresista colombiano en CIDH

José Jaime Uscategui: Behind Colombia’s Strike Are International Criminal Structures

“It is important that the international community knows firsthand what is happening in our country,” says Uscategui.

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Colombia has experienced a month of intense violent protests. However, many international actors have called for an end to the repression by the authorities. To show the international community what is really happening in Colombia, several representatives, including Colombian congressman José Jaime Uscategui, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

“We come to explain what is happening in Colombia. Of course there is nonconformity and peaceful demonstrations, but we have had a month of much violence, vandalism and urban terrorism. It is important that the international community knows firsthand what is happening in our country,” said Uscategui.

In this sense, he explained that with the protests, roads have been blocked, shortages have been created and policemen have been assaulted. He also explained that the Colombian economy has lost around US$ 2.7 billion due to the recent violent demonstrations.

“We delivered to the Inter-American Commission a 64-page report with all the annexes where we show the impact that the strike has had on the civilian population, on the military forces, on the economy, on the vaccination plan, on the medical service. That is to say, we have a lot to tell the international community.”

He added: “It must be made clear that those who started this violence were those who, as of April 28, wanted to demonstrate in a violent manner. May 1st was a disastrous day for Colombia. Civilians died, Captain Jesús Alberto Solano died. This is important for the IACHR to know.”

Colombian congressman - El American
The Colombian congressman denounced the increase in violent protests in Colombia. (EFE)

A plan financed from abroad, says the Colombian congressman

In this sense, he highlighted that, in his opinion, there is a financed and synchronized plan to put an end to democracy in Colombia. He pointed out that it is a destabilization plan on the part of some countries, among which are countries bordering Colombia.

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“This is not about some young people marching with some drums and repressive police. Here there are criminal structures that have taken the lives of our uniformed officers. We have filed complaints before the Ombudsman’s Office and now we are filing them before international organizations”.

He also indicated that these violent groups do not want the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, to finish his term of office and assured that another of their objectives is to neglect the border so that the irregular groups can take control of the border. He also informed that they have evidence of how people such as guerrilla leader Iván Márquez have influenced this process.

“When we see the hand of the Cubans, of the Russians, when we know that Venezuela with the hand of Diosdado Cabello and Nicolás Maduro announced to us that the war with Colombia was going to be on Colombian soil, well we see that these threats have been fulfilled and now the destabilization plan has its own name which is the Venezuelan narco-dictatorship that has managed to negatively influence the internal processes of Colombia.”

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