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Ted Cruz Says Biden ‘Declared War on American Energy Production’

The Republican claimed that having waived sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline last year was what “caused the invasion of Ukraine”

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Texas Republican state Sen. Ted Cruz said Tuesday that President Joe Biden, from his first day in the White House, has “declared war” on the U.S. energy industry.

In a Fox News interview, Cruz said Biden’s energy policy is “completely incoherent” and, as a result, his administration has benefited America’s enemies vying to dominate the global energy market.

Cruz on the Ukraine invasion and the Biden administration.

“[President Biden] shut down the Keystone pipeline on the first day in office, killed 11,000 jobs, 8,000 union jobs with the stroke of a pen, he halted all new leasing on federal land both onshore and offshore, and he stopped development in ANWR [Arctic National Wildlife Refuge], a small region of Alaska that is incredibly rich in oil reserves, he shut them all down,” Cruz said of the president’s performance.

The senator noted that, thanks to Democratic policies, production has not stopped falling since last year, making the current administration “the best thing that ever happened” to Venezuela, Russia and Iran.

“The Biden administration sent their officials to Venezuela saying they want to buy oil from Nicolas Maduro,” Cruz continued. “They are in Vienna trying to negotiate a deal that they want to buy oil from the ayatollah in Iran.”

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In addition, the Republican claimed that having waived former President Donald Trump’s sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline last year was what “caused the invasion of Ukraine” by Russia.

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