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Ted Cruz Exposes Dems’ Hypocrisy on Illegal Immigrants

Ted Cruz sacó a relucir la hipocresía de los demócratas con los inmigrantes ilegales

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IN A NEW EPISODE of his podcast, a tanned Senator Ted Cruz discussed with Michael Knowles the sending of illegal immigrants to Democratic strongholds. The Texan was one of the ideological precursors of this initiative and enthusiastically celebrated the actions of Gregg Abbott and Ron DeSantis.

For starters, the senator revealed that, since Joe Biden put his hand on the bible, 4.2 million illegal immigrants have arrived in the US. According to the 2020 census data, this number is higher than the residents of some states, such as Connecticut, Delaware, Arkansas, Nevada, Utah and Kansas, among others.

Knowles then recalled when Cruz was almost shouting for Republicans to start sending these people who entered the country illegally to Democratic cities, and then gave the floor to his colleague.

“I was thrilled when the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, took me up on the idea and began sending illegal immigrants first to dc then to New York then to Chicago. It’s had a fantastic event as these these democratic mayors have lost their minds and declared national emergencies,” the senator said.

“I want to see more airplanes, I want to see more buses, dole out those tickets give these blue state and blue city mayors some of a taste of their own medicine and put them on the record,” Knowles added.

Cruz went on to remark that the Democrats’ reaction evidences their hypocrisy on illegal immigration and make them recognize the situation facing cities bordering the U.S. Southern Border.

“Sending them to blue jurisdictions has a purpose which is to cause these hypocrites to be forced to acknowledge their hypocrisy and admit that it’s a crisis they’re right that it’s a crisis but it’s an even bigger crisis for texas and and and for other states along the border,” the senator added.

Finally, the senator ended by exemplifying what the residents of Del Rio (Texas) experience with respect to illegal immigration.

“To put it in perspective so dc is a big city the mayor declared an emergency when 6 500 illegal immigrants had been sent to d.c let’s take del rio texas del rio Texas is a border city it’s on the rio grande river del rio texas its population is about 30 000 people i was down there where when under the bridge that crosses the rio grande that’s right there in del rio there were at one time 15 000 illegal immigrants almost all of whom were from haiti and they had were crossing in and you want to talk about people freaking out this is one small town that had fifty percent five zero percent of the population of the town crossing in a single day that’s what texas is facing,” Cruz concluded.

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