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The Political Magic Card of The Left

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When you go to a magic show and the illusionist begins to pull a rabbit out of a hat or chops a woman in half only to have her come out intact in the end, you clap with astonishment and say, “how did he do it?” This is what we are witnessing in what seems to be an incredibly troublesome election.

A political magic card, one that the magician has no intention of ever showing us how he did it. Only in this case, it’s lots of magicians who all happen to belong to the Democratic Party and who are of different ranks: The headmaster magician is the spokesman for the DNC and the mainstream media, the middle man magician is the Democrat politician, and the magician’s assistants are all the poll workers and members of BLM or Antifa intimidating voters.

This combination of smoke and mirrors is very lethal to our republic. Maria Corina Machado lived it in Venezuela as I pointed out in my interview with her. The votes magically disappeared for the opposition and appeared in Hugo Chavez’s column in the 2004 Venezuelan recall election. This type of magic shouldn’t have happened there, but it is especially disheartening when it happens in the United States of America.  

Recently on my Facebook page, I saw a friend who was enthusiastically sharing an article that shows Gabriel Sterling of the Secretary of State’s office in Georgia, blasting anyone “threatening” election workers. Now, obviously, anyone threatening someone’s life should not be tolerated. If anyone is truly doing this, it’s ridiculous and un-American. Perhaps as un-American as cheating to win in an election. That being said, the majority of the Republicans (myself included) is simply calling for a re-count with legal ballots. 

What good is it to re-count the same contaminated batch of ballots? It will simply give the same results. I’m not sure my friend wants a re-count or a forensic analysis of the results because her candidate may not actually win. This may be in the end, more important to her than truth. I’m not sure anymore how any American would be ok with fraud, big or small.

If you don’t believe me, you might want to believe some mathematical geniuses that found serious anomalies in vote counts. They do a vote pattern analysis much like the one I posted about the 2004 referendum Venezuela analysis by Paul Jimenez and Manuel Hidalgo did this analysis where they applied a method called Benford’s law to uncover anomalous statistical patterns that they found were consistent with election fraud from 2004 onwards.

For the American model I went to Vote Pattern Analysis. What I found was mind-boggling. It’s one thing to hear testimony from poll workers in various states and draw a conclusion that there was indeed some shenanigans going on. It’s a whole other matter to see mathematical improbabilities that point to fraud even if you didn’t do well in algebra. Their conclusion states, “This report studies 8,954 individual updates to the vote totals in all 50 states and finds that four individual updates —two of which were widely noticed on the internet, including by the President— are profoundly anomalous; they deviate from a pattern which is otherwise found in the vast majority of the remaining 8,950 vote updates. The findings presented by this report suggest that four vote count updates —which collectively were decisive in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia, and thus decisive of a critical forty-two electoral votes— are especially anomalous and merit further investigation.”

A couple of great places to look for reports of election fraud made available in one place are Here is the Evidence and Every Legal Vote. In these sites, they list hundreds of cases and testimonies from multiple sources. Numerous allegations such as votes being torn up, voter intimidation, dead people ballots, and poll workers filling out ballots for Joe Biden are plentiful.

If you are still not convinced, take a look at this report by Sharyl Attkisson, an investigative reporter who was once targeted by the Obama Administration for reporting on Fast and Furious when she worked for CBS News. Although the US Department of Justice denied it, CBS found evidence of unauthorized access by an unknown party into her work computer. 

In her book, she revealed that her computer was hacked by a spyware and in January of 2020, she filed a complaint in Federal Court alleging that the Obama administration spied on her.  She’s brave and she knows her stuff which is why I’m glad she’s on these fraud allegations full throttle. Her link is Sharyl Attkisson.

I can do without this type of political magic card that only the left seems to deploy on an unassuming audience. Thankfully in America, we have an audience who isn’t fooled by this type of magic and demands a full refund from the shyster magician and his crew.

Debbie, Venezuelan, is a writer, singer, director, executive producer, and an advocate for freedom. She writes a weekly op-ed for El American. During the Obama years, Debbie was active in her community and served as president of a local TFRW Club //
Debbie, venezolana, es escritora, cantante, directora, productora ejecutiva y defensora de la libertad. Escribe un artículo de opinión semanal para El American. Durante los años de Obama, Debbie estuvo activa en su comunidad y se desempeñó como presidenta del Club TFRW

34 thoughts on “The Political Magic Card of The Left”

  1. Hello Mrs D’Sousa
    The problem is, will anything be done about this fraud and voting machines hacking? It’s so discouraging to listen to these facts all come out yet everything seems to be in limbo. I am 71 ,married for 52 yrs. I have seem many elections come and go, but this one is different. It is the future of my children and grand children. It’s chilling to me that this could happen in this great country. Everything seems to be slipping through our fingers year by year , day by day. I pray every day for something good to happen. I pray this election will be given to the true winner.
    I hope all our prayers will be answered.

    1. For Christmas this year all I want is for our constitution win in the courts and people who had anything to do with rigging a United States Federal election go to prison for treason. God blessed America with FJT

  2. Wow that is very interesting about Your country in 2004 .
    I have always wondered what happened to that country . I do regret not going to the court house during voting (they asked one poll voter to go ) I was working at the polls in Arkansas . I know in 2000 when I worked at the courthouse same one that Bill Clinton use to teach at the University of Arkansas . Anyway the courthouse where I worked asked a girl to remove a Bush sign in her yard . I witnessed it . I always registered Democrat and voted Republican after that . I always knew there was an untold Democratic pull . Thanks
    For your service to justice .

  3. Thank you for shining a light into this darkness. I have faithfully watched and read article after article, stunned by one after the other. I have prayed daily that God exposes the evil that has been sent to this country’s election process and that He exposes the players and the leaders of this debacle. Let us see them all. Wake up those that are asleep and see what these evildoers hath wrought!

    1. I could have written your comment. Only difference is that I listen more than read (time limitations). But these days, having found “Parley”, I am reading more. I too pray daily, more than daily. I can’t believe that this can be allowed to happen. Are “we” so ungrateful that this is deserved? Are “we” so lazy that “we” need to be reminded to be more responsive / active? I don’t know. . . I’ll just continue to pray.

  4. Thank you for your story!! Well it’s not really a story it’s the Truth! Many Dems don’t want to hear the truth due to their severe hatred for my President Trump!!!!

  5. One doesn’t have to be an animal trainer or behavioral scientist to know that those behaviors which are rewarded are repeated, and those that are punished adequately are not. This Democrat misbehavior must be punished thoroughly, and harshly enough for it to cease. Whatever it takes.

  6. Great article. I enjoyed this unique perspective you described as a magic show! Creative and compelling. I would only suggest some proofreading for sentence structure corrections, but it is definitely worth reading.

  7. We only think stuff like this happens in a third world country not here. Big money is the problem they are able to by their way to the top. I wish people would think about what they are asking for first. The out come will be the end of what is a good thing now. When the democrats get done with us we will be in a very bad spot. They don’t thing Joe Biden will sell us out to China well, it will happen and than it will be to late the damage will be done. I’m sure there are many more tricks they have to play with. Our rights are in danger and people don’t care. Christians already are being targeted by the left and they will not stop there either. I’m older and my life is coming to a end but, my grand kids have to really worry about this and I hope the learn to understand that democrats are not their friends. I pray that the young people learn too that they better start thinking what the really want out of life freedom or dictatorship. It’s all up to them. God help our country and its people to make the right decision.

  8. Inexplicably, most Republican politicians are not enraged, not even impressed, by the mountain of evidence Trump’s lawyers have gathered, e.g., Lindsay Graham, so I’m putting my trust in the Supreme Court. I may be naive, but I have to believe that these judges, even the left-leaning ones, can recognize injustice when they see it. Do you think they will be honorable and courageous enough to stand up for the integrity of our election process? Or will some of them dodge their responsibility (like John Roberts tends to do) by relying on some technicality to dismiss the overwhelming evidence that this election was a travesty? I guess I’m asking you, if SCOTUS decides the election, how confident are you that the justices will keep their oath to defend the Constitution and the American citizens who see them as their last hope in the battle for justice?

  9. Thank you for this most informative article and your endless pursuit of truth! For there is nothing good or glorious about any electoral outcome if it is not proven to be accurate & truthful.
    As you stated, some Americans are perfectly fine with investigations as long as their preferred candidate is declared the “winner.” This is a sad reality, and it does not sit well in my stomach. Having said that, I still have hope for America.
    Our President may be considered a “wild card” by some, I believe he has the potential to light the way for millions of Patriots in our great Nation. For light is truth, and God is light.

    Rich Blessings to you and your lovely family!

  10. I am 77 years old. I can see how our Country
    Is headed for Socialism. I want this country to be the way it was back in the 60s people were Civil to each other & looked out for their neighbors & their children. The Democrats must be Stopped they have became Criminals Evil people that want to turn our Country Over To The ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT
    PRESIDENT TRUMP Won this Election & everyone but the Commies know it. DemoRats. Joy Misener

  11. We patriots are holding the Trump cards. President Trump is playing chess and is anticipating what may and will happen. He is following the law of having state legislatures deny electoral votes to Biden which will result in the House voting where Trump has majority. Second is the SCOTUS. Lastly is limited Marshall Law and a re voting!

  12. This is a very good article and reveals so much thank you for putting it out there. Its sad that this seems to have been going on for sometime now in our great republic and I hope it all comes to fruition and is exposed and people are convicted and jailed for their actions.

  13. You are very much on point. The left’s hocus pocus is attempting to saw the country in half and then convince the audience we are whole again. Here again, we see the great dishonesty of the Democrats. They expound on the need to trust in the science. Yet, now when there is empirical mathematical evidence of wrong-doing they refuse to accept or even investigate it.

  14. Response to Tennessee Jim , They also had a table boxes of ballots that they have a video they were pulled out from under the table after the other workers have left. It should round up those two or three workers, and a penalty of perjury and bring me to court and find out who , Gave them their orders once and for all put a stop to this

  15. There is an analysis of Philly as well. It’s on rumble under Edward Solomon. There are two. One looks like a spreadsheet and the other has a blue almost alchemical picture.

  16. I believe! But will the results change? Not likely? WE, the people will reap the consequences of a successful not-so-magic trick. And it’s heartbreaking on a good day!

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