The Washington Post 'Fact Checker' Glenn Kessler

Glenn Kessler, The Washington Post ‘Fact Checker,’ Brought To You By The DNC

The Washington Post appears to have read the ‘oppo’ research books of the Democratic National Committee

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Glenn Kessler, also known as The Washington Post ‘Fact Checker’, appears to have an odd obsession with whitesplaining so-called ‘facts’ to readers, including claims by a conservative Black man and a member of the LGBTQ community. Leftist organizations and the mainstream media argue that white men are inherently racist and that they benefit from the fruits of white supremacy. Beliving this conspiracy theory does not appear to be too far-fetched.

In exhibit A, there is Kessler claiming that Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) is misleading people by telling a story about this grandfather’s struggles as a Black man in the 20th century. This honestly sounds like an example of white supremacy: a white man telling a Black man that he is wrong about his own family history. Where are all the feminists, social justice warriors, progressive members of the “unbiased” mainstream media? They blasted VP Mike Pence for his alleged “patronizing,” “sexist,” and “racist” attacks on the then-VP candidate and Medicare-for-All flip-flopper Kamala Harris during the VP debate last year.

The Washington Post ‘Fact Checker’, the DNC, and ‘Oppo’ Research

The timing of this story is also suspicious. Sen. Scott was recently tapped to deliver the GOP rebuttal to Biden’s joint session speech in the Congress next week. Are we supposed to believe that Glenn Kessler had been researching Scott’s grandfather for months? And that this research was coincidentally ready the day after his speech’s announcement? It appears a fair assessment that the Washington Post thinks its readers are stupid.

The tone of this “oppo” hit on Scott and his grandfather gives the impression that the research was likely sitting on the servers of the DNC and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) for months, before being formally pitched to The Washington Post.

In campaign seasons, it is usual for both parties to pitch stories to allies in the press. The DSCC and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), both under the DNC, operate full-time all year round, which may help explain the origin of this research.

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The Washington Post 'Fact Checker' Uses DNC Oppo Research

Perhaps the criticism of Kessler is unwarranted. The Washington Post ‘Fact Checker’ has a job to do (manufacture “fact checks”) and after all reporters and the media need to hold politicians accountable. But what is the purpose of that so-called fact check? Kessler’s willingness to publish this “oppo” hit on a Black man is particularly disturbing, even for WaPo’s standards.

In August 2020, WaPo published a hilarious article protesting that President Trump’s claim that the most dangerous cities in America were Democratic was false. Out of the 20 most violent cities in the U.S., one isn’t a Democratic city, wrote the desperate and Trump-obsessed Washington Post.

The Washington Post ‘Fact Checker’, a cis-gender man, delivered “Four Pinocchios” to Rick Grenell, a gay man with a distinguished record on diplomacy, for daring to claim that President Trump was the most pro-LGBTQ president in history. The Orwellian Kessler wrote that Grenell’s Cabinet-level appointment by Trump was not a “signature moment in the gay rights movement,” because it was “highly controversial,” despite the fact that Grenell is indeed the first openly gay appointee to a Cabinet-level position.

There is nothing better than a cis-gender privileged man telling a member of the LGBTQ and a Black man how to tell their stories.

It’s Our Fault for Giving ‘Fact Checkers’ Too Much Power

All articles by The Washington Post ‘Fact Checker’ and similar news organizations can be easily debunked, but doing so do would you bore you to death. Perhaps El American should come up with its own fact-checking column.

Campaigns, elected officials, and other mainstream media are guilty of providing these “fact checkers” with the power to dictate what’s fact and what isn’t. Who is Glenn Kessler, but a journalist, to tell a gay man or a Black man how to tell their stories? He is not intellectually or righteously superior to others. He is not a gatekeeper of truths.

Whenever these “fact checkers” publish articles that benefit a certain narrative, both parties parade these articles as major wins. Both presidential campaigns did so during the last election, and both the GOP and the DNC continue to do it. This power should be taken away from these individuals who are not morally or intellectually superior to dictate à la-Doctor Strange what is and isn’t reality.

In the books of ‘woke’ supremacy, The Washington Post ‘Fact Checker’ is a racist, homophobic, cis-gender, privileged man who has no role in contradicting minorities, but do not be alarmed if Kessler is picked to head Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth.


Mr. Kessler declined to comment for this article, referring El American to schedule a meeting through The Washington Post‘s PR.

In a follow-up email, a WaPo spokesperson said that the Kessler “occasionally delves into the origin of stories of politicians, often without reaching a conclusion about their completeness or veracity.”

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