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Twitter Sues Texas A.G. in Bid to Stop Investigation

Days after the January 6th riots at the Capitol, Paxton announced an investigation into Twitter and four other tech companies

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Twitter responded to the investigation requested by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton with a lawsuit, in which he accused the social network of banning former President Donald Trump‘s account in the wake of the Capitol riots.

Paxton issued civil investigative demands to Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Amazon Web Services to be forced to publish their criteria for publishing and blocking accounts.

Twitter filed the federal counter-lawsuit in California allegeing that Paxton seeks to punish it for disconnecting Trump’s account. The company defends its decision under the argument that it protects freedom of speech, according to The Dallas Morning News.

In addition, the company is asking a judge to declare that the decision falls under First Amendment practice to essentially stop Paxton’s investigation.

According to the social network, the disclosure of documents and procedures related to decision making, including blocking decisions, would jeopardize the company’s “ability to effectively moderate content on the platform,” as reported by Sputnik.

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