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U.N. Exposes Chinese Communist Party Dissidents

When a dissident goes abroad to speak out about the lethal reality inside the country, the modus operandi of the Chinese Communist Party is often to threaten the opponent or kidnap and torture his family.

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An exclusive by The Epoch Times reveals that United Nations (UN) human rights officials handed over names of Chinese dissidents to Xi Jinping’s communist regime prior to the activists giving testimony and proof in Geneva of systematic Chinese Communist Party abuses.

Chinese regime officials, Epoch Times reported, used the names handed over by the UN to keep the dissidents on Chinese soil and detain them. One dissident identified by the UN, Cao Shunli, was detained by the Chinese Communist Party before traveling to Geneva and died in the hands of the regime.

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The critics of the regime denounced by officials of the United Nations (which, according to the Organization, defends human rights) included activists concerned about Tibet, Hong Kong and the Uighur Islamic minority in western China.

The Epoch Times says that, according to Emma Reilly (who also denounced this UN practice), when a dissident goes abroad to speak out about the lethal reality inside the country, the modus operandi of the Chinese Communist Party is often to threaten the opponent or kidnap and torture his family.

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In the exclusive, Epoch Times reveals that snitching on Chinese dissidents and handing over their information is considered “standard practice” by UN officials.

Reilly described this UN tactic as “criminal” and even argued that it made the UN “complicit in genocide,” according to her comments to the Times. For years the United Nations denied such actions, but thanks to emails obtained by the Epoch Times team, Emma Reilly’s allegations have finally been substantiated.

What does the UN emails say?

One of the September 7, 2012 emails, sent by a diplomat from the Communist Party Mission, requested information on Chinese dissidents who will testify at the HRC.

“Following the usual practice, could you please help me [sic] to check whether the persons on the attached list apply for accreditation to the 21st session of the HRC?” the Chinese diplomat asked in an email to a UN liaison with non-governmental organizations.

“My delegation has some security concern [sic] about these individuals,” the diplomat falsely stated. The UN official, whose name was not declassified, replied that the Chinese Communist Party dissidents were with confirmed attendance in Geneva.

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The UN official responded by revealing the names of Dolkun Isa and He Geng (members of the Nonviolent Radical, Transnational and Transparent Party) as attendees at the twenty-first session of the Human Rights Council.

Dolkun Isa is the president of the World Uyghur Congress, which advocates on behalf of the Uyghur population of the Xinjiang region of western China. El American reported how Chinese regime officials systematically rape Uighur women in the concentration camps where they are held captive.

Geng He, the dissident outed by the world’s most vocal human rights organization, is the wife of imprisoned Chinese human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng, author of a book about the severe torture he was subjected to by Xi Jinping because of his Christian beliefs.

The Chinese Communist Party regime has long been on an anti-Christian crusade where churches are forced to erect and display state propaganda in all areas, turning places into centers of worship for leader Xi Jinping and the Communist Party.

In another email, this time from 2013, the same Chinese official seeking UN cooperation makes his intention more explicit and makes a revealing and direct request.

“I need you to do me a favor again,” the regime official stated. “Some anti-Chinese government secessionists are trying to participate in the UNHRC [sic] session disguised as other NGOs,” the Chinese Communist Party official said. He added that the dissidents could pose a threat to the United Nations and the regime’s delegation that has millions of innocent people in concentration camps.

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(World Uyghur Congress)

“Could you please verify and inform me if the persons I list below have accreditation for the 22nd session [sic] of the Human Rights Council?” the diplomat asked. He subsequently left a number to reach the UN official, who confirmed Dolkun Isa as one of the attendees, the Epoch Times reported.

What does the UN say?

“This is an appalling practice, but if the UN is going to do it, they should at least make sure it is public so that people know the danger they will be in,” Emma Rilley, who is a staff member at the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, told the Epoch Times.

Rilley commented to the media outlet in a video conference, “This is basic decency and basic standards of humanity; don’t secretly put these people in danger.”

The Epoch Times reported that the head of the UN Human Rights Council branch, Eric Tistounet, justified the act of ratting out the dissidents by saying that the list of names was public and therefore the requests of the Chinese regime could not be resisted. Tistounet, according to The Epoch Times, suggested acting as quickly as possible to avoid “exacerbating Chinese distrust.”

But by 2017, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights admitted that they were confirming to governments the identities of those accredited to attend events.

Rilley, moreover, commented that senior UN officials misled the media and member states for years about the supposed non-existence of this complicity.

“The Chinese authorities regularly ask the UN Human Rights Office, several days or weeks before Human Rights Council meetings, whether any particular [non-governmental organization] delegates will be attending the upcoming session,” the press release reads.

The constant harassment of Chinese dissidents, Rilley says, was about whether these individuals would cause problems for Chinese diplomats at the UN.

Documents obtained by the Epoch Times reveal that senior UN officials have tried to silence and sabotage Rilley’s work to show the world the organization’s complicity with the Chinese Communist Party.

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