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The U.S. Is Partly Free: Here’s Why

The U.S. Is Partly Free: Here’s Why

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The U.S. is a partly free country. There is no longer government in power, but a regime. In America today, one is free as long as you do not cross ideological parameters that the ruling elite has established. This Orwellian description is not surreal or a conspiracy theory. It is based on facts, which are drawn from seminal characteristics of non-democratic regimes to arrive at its conclusion. Here is the evidence. 

What exactly does America’s woke regime consist of?

The premier dream of the Bolsheviks was to take the communist revolution to America. Fleeing Nazi Germany, the Frankfurt School’s exile in the U.S. gave the German Marxists access to American key educational and cultural institutions. The pilgrimage from classical, economic-based Marxism to the critical, culturally dominant transition of Marx and Engels’s political religion was decades in the making. The fall of Soviet communism made it the only official game in town to attain power in democratic societies. 

The work of the cultural Marxists had many prominent American theoreticians. Among them were Saul Alinsky and Derrick Bell. Barack Obama had communist mentors in his bloodline and intimate family circles. However, Alinsky and Bell provided an important ideological basis for Obama’s mission to “change” America. The presidential election of 2008 placed a Fabian Socialist in the White House. This is when the woke regime commenced.

On the matter of praxis, Fabian socialism and cultural Marxism blend perfectly well. The latter offers greater intellectual munition. Critical Race Theory (CRT), Gender Ideology (GI), and Critical Queer Theory (CQT) are the three main Marxist tenets that the left employs in the U.S. to extend control over society by delegating its authority to the legal, educational, and federal law enforcement realms of the country. Obama purged the Democratic Party of non-radicals and restructured it. At the highest echelons of the federal policing agencies — namely the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, the Justice Department, the IRS, the State Department, and the chief regulatory agencies — he placed an army of like-minded people to set about deconstructing the U.S. 

The arbitrary application of the law

Non-democratic regimes apply the law arbitrarily. This is a hallmark of dictatorships. Although this unjust exercise of justice may be “legal” in authoritarian states, it occurs with regime-approved “warrants” and “arrests orders”. The process is spurious, judged from a democratic standpoint. The rule of law, as an immutable factor in the U.S., is currently broken. No one is above the law, except if your last name is Biden, Clinton, Obama, Soros, or anyone affiliated with a left-wing cause. There is a two-tiered judicial system in place. 

The DNC-Clinton 2016 campaign operation of hiring a foreign spy (Christopher Steele) to fabricate a “report” (Steele Dossier) — which would be fed to the FBI and CIA to launch fraudulent FISA requests to conduct espionage on a U.S. presidential candidate in an election — has gone judicially unchecked. This illegal attempt to rig the 2016 election was authorized by Obama. Upon Trump’s sovereign victory, the Russia collusion lie was filtered to the press by none other than FBI chief James Comey. The intent was to “legally” overthrow an elected president. The entire premise of the bulk of the Left’s war to unseat Trump was based on fraudulent information that was initiated by Clinton and the DNC (Democratic National Committee). 

The over 33,000 Clinton emails that were deliberately destroyed while under investigation, a clear attempt to evade scrutiny and unquestionably illegal, have gone unpunished. Hunter Biden’s business dealings, an influence-peddling scheme that has jeopardized U.S. national security with unscrupulous deals with Russia and China, have been at the disposal of the FBI since 2019. The infamous laptop convincingly affirms that President Biden knew of his son’s shenanigans. John Brennan (CIA director) and James Clapper (DNI chief), both serving Obama, were misinformed encouraged the false narratives about the Russia hoax and covered for Biden’s son labeling the facts as “disinformation”. The examples could continue. The judicial process these cases faced was the impunity tier.

Political persecution of the opposition

The preposterous claim that there is an eminent national security threat by “white supremacists/nationalists” is a ploy to crush the veritable opposition to the Obama/Biden regime. PTA moms that fight the CRT, GI, and CQT indoctrination of their children are being treated by the FBI as domestic terrorists. Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Peter Navarro, and Steve Bannon are only some notable victims of the Democrat’s political persecution. The socialist project, that is in play, needs to muzzle those that challenge it hegemonic intent.

The FBI raid on Trump’s Florida home under the guise of securing presidential documents in question, authorized by an Obama donor judge with ties to corrupt Democratic Party figures (Epstein), without the oversight of Trump-appointed legal counsel is akin to how these matters are settled in Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia. This was a targeted operation by the Obama/Biden regime’s political police. Today, this could happen to anyone who is not in cue with left-wing politics. 

Limited free speech

Controlling what people say is another characteristic of authoritarianism. The social media oligarchs, part of the regime in power today, do the dirty work of stifling free speech. This is what Herbert Marcuse called “repressive tolerance”. Labels like “hate speech”, “free spaces”, and “inclusiveness” are disguises for suppressing language and thought deemed by Big Tech to contradict the official line. Communist and Fascist regimes had departments that dealt with that. In the U.S., Twitter, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, YouTube, and others are unelected parts of the government. Anyone that questions their basis for hegemonic control gets silenced.

Rigging elections

Rigging the election process is a customary feat of non-democratic regimes. The 2016 election was tampered with by the Obama White House and the DNC. The 2020 election was neither free, nor fair. Blatant irregularities with mail-in votes in key states, the unequal distribution of private money (“Zuckerbucks”), illegitimate changes to election laws by unconstitutional actors, unmonitored drop boxes, all cast doubt on the authenticity of the process. Democrats have concocted all sorts of lawsuits and bizarre challenges to voter integrity laws aimed at combating fraud. The Obama/Biden regime understands that clean elections could impede their mission.         

Political prisoners

A political prison system is paramount to dictatorial regimes. The January 6 (J6) Capitol Building breach was a criminal act. Trespassing, damage to property, and other acts of violence occurred. Corresponding indictments were warranted, in some cases. However, the levying of sedition conspiracy charges indicates that the illegal and incorrect actions in question, convey the purpose of overthrowing the government. The treatment in DC jails for the J6 defendants has mirrored those of some non-democratic regimes. Here, again, is the problem of legal double standards contingent on the cause for which they stand. 

Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa sabotaged federal courts, police stations (with police inside), and churches during 2020. Not one single subversive was charged with sedition. The fact that BLM/Antifa expressly call for the transformation of the U.S. and were exercising violence in that name, one would think that a sedition conspiracy charge would be appropriate for these communist groups. Totally to the contrary. Many Democratic politicians, including Kamala Harris, sought economic relief for the rioters, which clearly had a political intent.


The Obama/Biden regime must be stopped. They will continue pressing for greater spaces of authoritarian rule. Republicans must act aggressively after the midterms. The Fabianism/Marxist course must be rolled back, and its institutions overhauled. The Deep State, an auxiliary of the current regime in Washington, has to be dismantled. Big Tech should be regulated as common carriers. The U.S., once again, deserves to be in the free, not partially free, category.  

Julio M Shiling, political scientist, writer, director of Patria de Martí and The Cuban American Voice, lecturer and media commentator. A native of Cuba, he currently lives in the United States. Twitter: @JulioMShiling // Julio es politólogo, escritor, director de Patria de Martí y The Cuban American Voice. Conferenciante y comentarista en los medios. Natural de Cuba, vive actualmente en EE UU.

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