We are El American

By The Editorial board:

We were born in Athens and Jerusalem and grew up in the English and Scottish enlightenment. We signed the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence. We swore on the Constitution and it’s Bill of Rights. We are the sons and daughters of the American Revolution, we are the heirs of the Republic.

We come from many places. We come from large cities and small towns. We come from all over the Americas: South, Central, and North. We are guys and gals, cuates y pibes, chamos y chavales, patojos y pelados. Some of us immigrated to this Republic. Some of us were born here. For some of us our parents immigrated, or our grand parents, or some remote ancestor did. Some of us live in the ideals of America, but aren’t physically here yet. But one thing is for sure, we care deeply about this Republic. And we care about freedom.

We believe in freedom. Free people. Free markets. Free minds. We believe that all men are created equal, that we all have unalienable rights, among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. We are independent, and fiercely individualistic. We are Americans by choice.

We believe in America. We believe this Republic is the last best hope on the good Earth. We believe this beacon of hope is at imminent risk. We know this shining city on a hill is being burned down by moral relativism, postmodernism, and Marxist ideas. We are in a cultural war, and we know how this war could end, many of us fled Marxism.

We know that if America falls, there is no other place on Earth for Freedom. But we won’t let this happen. We are here to save America from the barbarians.

This is our plan to #SaveTheRepublic.

We are El American.

  1. You like a Dictators and always write lies because don’t have love for this Country is just what you what socialist you talking about you prefer Republicans to destroy look what happen in the Capitolio thanks to the racist Trump that’s is what you whant for this Nation be imparcial said the true

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