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You Have a Point: Bad Bunny, Reggeaton Trailblazer or Drag Queen Corrupter of the Youth?

You Have a Point: "neoperreo" y política

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The latest episode of You Have a Point—in which Vanessa Vallejo, Vianca Rodríguez and Daniela Carrasco address issues that bother woke culture—focused on neoperreo and politics. They talked about how progressives have used reggaeton to generate profits and send a political message.

You Have a Point: neoperreo and politics.

In that sense, they talked about a controversial photo of an androgynous Bad Bunny in a skirt and high heels. The reggaeton singer said that has always liked women’s clothes more than men’s.

About this, Daniela explained to us that it is part of the progressive agenda of wanting to push for destruction in all areas of society. “We are seeing an act of deconstruction. That not only has to do with politics, it can also be seen, for example, in fashion,” said Carrasco.

Faced with the progressive agenda and its intentions to change the culture and mindset of young people, Vanessa insisted that it is necessary for parents to be aware of everything their children are watching. Specifically with this type of artists and music.

In addition, the three women insisted that subgenres that go against values are still being created. For example, there is now talk of neoperreo, which has messages more supportive of collectivist and leftist ideas.

You Have a Point and the pro-green agenda among young people

They agreed that the content of songs and videos have repercussions not only in society, but also in politics. “It is increasingly important for parents to educate and control their children,” commented Vanessa.

Daniela added that “Children are exposed to these music videos, which are an apology for unbridled sexuality and debauchery.”

Finally, they pointed out that each artist’s team understands very well what the message behind each video is. In that sense, Vianca recalled that the artists also understand that behind these messages there is a great marketing.

Don’t forget, on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. (ET) Vanessa, Mariela, Vianca and Daniela will be live on our YouTube and Facebook channel at You Have a Point section talking about those issues that bother cultural totalitarianism.

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