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We Must Talk About YouTube Kids

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YouTube Kids is a YouTube application that offers a child-friendly version of the popular video-sharing social network. YouTube Kids is characterized by, supposedly, selecting and filtering content, as well as allowing parental control functions, with the aim of reassuring parents that the videos their children are watching are appropriate for their age.

However, a simple experiment reveals that such filtering not only does not work, but also that the app’s algorithm promotes all kinds of sexual content related to gender ideology, crudely masked as “gender-affirming” education.Anyone can do the simple test that user Aldo Buttazzoni has done and create a YouTube Kids account, only to immediately discover that children between the ages of 9 and 12 will see his recommendations section filled with videos like “kids meet a gender non-conforming person.”

It is not just a simple video that has managed to sneak into the recommendations, but we will find all sorts of videos about “queer children”, children’s songs about “gay pride” performed by drag queens, or fairy tales about romances between young princes and their homosexual haunts.

There are even some very popular channels on YouTube Kids, such as Queer Kid Stuff, with tens of thousands of subscribers, which are dedicated exclusively to the propagandistic dissemination of homosexual and transgender content for children, masked behind the euphemism of sex education.

youtube kids
Screenshot of one of Aldo Buttazzoni’s tweets about YouTube Kids.

On this channel you can see transformations of bearded gentlemen into bearded drag queens, singing nursery rhymes titled “it’s okay to be gay”, or alphabet lessons explaining that “L is for lesbian”, “B is for bisexual” and that “T is for trans”.

This channel is run by Lindsay Amer, an LGBTQ+ activist who has received several awards and recognitions for her work in promoting gender ideology among children. In her videos she uses a talking teddy bear to reinforce all her opinions, a small guitar to sing to the children, and a blackboard to explain all the possible sexual combinations of queer theory.

If this may seem shocking to many parents who rely on the YouTube Kids filter not to expose their young children to topics they don’t consider appropriate for their age and development, even more shocking may be another video on his channel as in which he explains to children that “consent is about giving permission to someone or something.”

It is not specified what this consent may be for, but given the monothematic nature of the channel, even a child can intuit what it would really be referring to.

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YouTube Kids is just another cog in the Marxist machinery of family destruction

It is clear to no one that in recent times the campaign of leftist indoctrination in matters of gender ideology, especially focused on children, has accelerated.

This subversion of traditional values is camouflaged behind concepts such as kindness, empathy, inclusion or representation, but it is nothing more than the old Marxist trick of dialectics and confrontation that seeks to divide society under a false dichotomy of oppressors and oppressed, in order to pave the way for their policies.

The traditional family is one of the main targets of this ideology, as it is one of the most important lines of defense for individuals against an increasingly powerful and implacable State, and indoctrinating children from an early age is easier and more effective than trying to re-educate the adult population.

Marx and Engels discerned from their earliest writings that the capitalist system was founded on the sexual division of labor, and that this, in turn, was given by the natural inequality between the sexes. Thus, by abolishing the sexual distinction, the capitalist system would be abolished at its root.

This would perfectly clarify the obsession of leftist political and cultural forces to promote gender ideology, and the malleability of children’s minds at critical stages for their development would explain their fixation on controlling the educational system and monopolizing content on social networks and television.

We recently denounced that we had to talk about Nickelodeon, a TV network for children and young people that reached its greatest success in the 90s and 2000s, now that children’s attention has shifted to the small screens of their devices, we have to talk about YouTube Kids.

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