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Biden Seeks to Implement Merkel’s Failed Formula in America

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Hermann Tertsch, journalist and Spanish MEP for the conservative VOX party, says that the political legacy of the late Merkel era could not be worse:

“One of the great misdeeds of the Merkel era has been the total destruction of German media pluralism. There is no trace left of the rich information landscape. All it took was a few civilian deaths and it became a wasteland. The fear of being left out of the right flock is great and logical. In Germany no one survives the Nazi label. Even if you are a civil servant who barely dared to denounce some lie of the adorable Merkel. Or a writer who dislikes censorship or illegal immigration. Today the German media are all the same, with the same ideals: save the planet and punish anyone suspected of damaging it. They all defend the official truth with the ferocity and intolerance with which they defended the official Aryan truth of the Lebensraum. The temerity of defiance, disaffection or criticism is paid for with isolation and civil death. Writers, professors or civil servants postulated by the CDU 30 years ago are ‘Nazism’, Helmut Schmidt’s ideas militarism, Brandt’s machismo. The future will be more intolerant than Merkel. She pushed everyone to the left, leaving to her right a wide field which she forbade to occupy on pain of criminalization as ‘Nazi’. Nothing is saved from the destructive roller of national identity. Destroying the nation the Germans act as when they deified it. Gleichschaltung. Equals by means.”

Merkel’s best trick was to claim: “there is no alternative.” “There is no alternative” to the ideological denaturalization of the party itself. What the bulk of her voters had always thought and still think would be labeled “Nazi”. “There is no alternative” to their socialist interventionism in the name of a “climate science” that has little or nothing to do with science. While real science is labeled “far-right denialism” and all serious economic alternatives to follies pushed in the name of such “environmentalism” are disqualified with similar methods.

With a quasi-Soviet -or quasi-National Socialist, but real- media landscape, alternatives are censored, disqualified and persecuted in totalitarian style. By the government — there is a lot of it, although the press hides it — and an academic, media, political and business system that unites mercantilist interests with radical anti-capitalist totalitarian ideology, corruption and ineptitude. It is not exclusive to Germany or Europe. It is global and came to the White House with Biden-Harris.

Climate dogma

That free-market system is to blame for climate change is nowadays a dogma. But only in free-market systems has real progress been made in reducing emissions. And only in economies do companies find it profitable to invest in sustainability.

The dogmatic scam of “no alternative” is that it blocks any debate, does not refute but disqualifies, persecutes divergent opinions, and nullifies the real scientific process.

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Merkel’s “There is no alternative” spared her from considering the consequences of applying her dogma by refusing to see the alternatives that “there was”. Merkel is the useful fool who best imposed the idea that climate change can be slowed down and brought to a halt, a claim widely accepted among socialist and pseudo-conservative politicians. A green economy, they claim without considering its negative effects. Real costs and more efficient alternatives, is the “only” solution.

That climate change would be caused solely by human action is their dogma. And any scientific study that does not refute it is dismissed by disqualifying its authors. But there is no science without controversial and open debate with mutual respect and tolerance. Nature is not stable. It is an evolutionary adaptation. Climate change was a common phenomenon long before the first humans appeared.

Periods of warming and cooling have occurred, with and without humans, before industrial civilization existed. The causes range from increased heat in the magma beneath the earth’s surface, which causes the oceans to release more CO2, to fluctuations in solar radiation and the angle of rotation of the planet. Some cycles have been gradual. Others have been abrupt.

The debate that did not happen

A public debate that never happened, that was aborted by dogmatists with totalitarian techniques, was declared “concluded” with an “obvious” culprit: the profit-oriented free-market economic system.

The “solution”, they claim again, is to replace the free market with intense state intervention, high taxes, and discretionary technocratic control, with no real science to back it up. They proposed socialism as “no alternative” because of climate change. Earlier it was because of the overpopulation crisis that would cause famines that never happened.

They seized on the pandemic emergency to move in that direction, against all evidence, and with the worst possible results. And they will resume their climate dogma with an unusual intensity and in the key of “pandemic emergency”.

None of this is supported theoretically or empirically. It is not science but dogma. It is false. The truth is that prosperous societies are the only successful ones in reducing emissions and pollution. The truth is that socialism — the economic model they demand as a “solution without alternative” — was implemented and failed in all its possible versions, always causing impoverishment, waste, pollution, and extreme environmental destruction.

What “there is no alternative” to is the free market, if it is to become a more prosperous world. And more capable of adapting to climate change, whatever its cause and speed. This is true. It is theoretically and empirically proven. But it is not dogma. It is a scientifically sound conclusion subject to real debate. But they cannot refute it by open debate. So they evade it by imposing dogma. It is the legacy of the “Merkel era” for Europe and it will be the legacy of the Biden administration for the United States if the mid-term elections do not put a stop to their “Green New Deal.”

Guillermo Rodríguez is a professor of Political Economy in the extension area of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences at Universidad Monteávila, in Caracas. A researcher at the Juan de Mariana Center and author of several books // Guillermo es profesor de Economía Política en el área de extensión de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas de la Universidad Monteávila, en Caracas, investigador en el Centro Juan de Mariana y autor de varios libros