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What The Democratic Campaign is All About: Fear of Republicans

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The midterm elections are just around the corner and according to most pollsters, at least the historically most accurate, the outlook is positive for the GOP and very negative for the DNC.

The Democratic Party is at risk of losing strongholds that they considered safe, such as Miami Dade County, and some even unthinkable a few months ago, such as the governorship of the State of New York. Anyone who has had any experience in political campaigns would think that the party would have to reconsider its narrative, its priorities and even its political proposals, but the DNC seems to have no new ideas or at least not enough representatives who can promote these changes with the aim of move away from the radical left and return to the sanity of classical liberalism.

Nobody thinks that the Democratic Party will suddenly talk about pro-life policies or significant tax cuts. Not even the possibility of reducing the scandalous public spending that the Biden administration has executed with disastrous consequences for the US economy and yes, the economy of the Western world in general; but at least some centrist policies that would be a relief for the majority of voters who do not identify with radicalism or socialist adventures in the style of the Squad headed by AOC or Bernie Sanders.

What have the Democratic candidates and spokesmen resorted to instead, in these last two disastrous weeks for their electoral aspirations? As usual… Fear of the “Boogeyman” who is supposed to be the Republican party. An electoral cliché that no longer convinces anyone, full of discursive fallacies and plain lies. A vague white supremacist, ultra-religious stereotype that basically comes armed with an AR-15 to kill your non-binary children.

With this last phrase, I am not even using superlative language to amuse you for a while on Saturday morning. This week we saw an MSNBC “historian” say that the Republicans are coming for your children.

Between that and the rhetoric of the Twitter social justice warriors melting over the mere possibility that Donald Trump would return to the platform, we have the perfect script for a horror movie that Disney would turn into a 5-season super woke series based on a villain named Jordan B. Peterson with a pointy tail and fire coming out of his hands, claiming the souls of every trans activist on the face of the earth. The heroine is a perfect combination of AOC and Mark Ruffalo, and of course non-binary.

The reality is that the campaign of fear is convincing fewer and fewer voters every election cycle, and if the polls are right, we are going to see a huge red wave on November 8, followed by an even bigger wave of leftist tears, metaphorical and literal, all across social media.

What’s left is to sit down and watch the show of this final stretch, of course, with a good snack and your Twitter timeline —finally uncensored— on a giant screen.

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