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Cubans ‘Lived It Already,’ Jorge Masvidal on Baby Formula Shortage

The UFC fighter, who has referred to the Cuban regime as a “killing machine,” said the formula shortage is “manufactured” by the Biden administration

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Cuban-American UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal criticized the Biden administration’s creation of a so-called “Ministry of Truth” and compared the baby formula shortage to the crisis that resulted from communist policies in Cuba.

“Cubans aren’t crazy, we just lived it already,” Masvidal wrote on Twitter. “Baby formula shortage is manufactured by the Biden administration do the research. Ministry of truth? Wtf. Wake up!”

Masvidal, who in the past has supported the Republican Party and expressed conservative views, has referred to Cuba’s communist regime as a “killing machine” and called on the world to condemn “corrupt rulers.”

Masvidal is not alone in seeing similarities with Cuba

The growing shortage of baby formula, which has already caused rationing in some cities, reached 31% nationwide in April, according to a study by Datasembly. In view of the food shortage, the outgoing White House Press Secretary advised American mothers to consult a doctor.

Florida congressional representative Carlos Gimenez also compared the shortages his state has faced to the crises in Cuba and Venezuela.

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“You’d think this is in Cuba or Venezuela, not a Walgreens in South Florida. That’s Biden’s America — broken supply chains, rationing of baby formula, and rampant inflation,” the congressman wrote on Twitter.

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