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After Threats, Judge Samuel Alito and his Family Are Under Protection

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Various media outlets reported this weekend that Judge Samuel Alito was moved to a safe place following threats he has received over a Supreme Court draft ruling on abortion.

The Post Millenial detailed that, according to reports it has received, Chief Justice John Roberts is also reportedly under threat, as well as Judge Brett Kavanaugh. “On Saturday, pro-abortion activists in Virginia and Maryland assembled at the homes of the Roberts and Kavanaugh,” the outlet asserted.

Threats to Samuel Alito and other judges

The situation is generated after progressives threatened the Court’s judges. In fact, journalist Simon Gwynn asked on Twitter about the possibility of killing two Supreme Court justices.

After Twitter users criticized his message, Gwynn deleted the tweet. He claimed that his question was irresponsible. However, he posted another message that was also criticized by others. “FYI I don’t endorse murdering anyone, but don’t think there’s anything wrong with thought experiments,” he commented on the digital platform.

According to the leaked draft, it would establish that it is up to each state to make a decision regarding abortion. After the information became known, the judges have received threats and protests have also been reported, which have even reached their homes.

Since last week, protests have been registered in several cities in favor and against the possible decision. For example, pro-abortion protesters vandalized pregnancy centers in Portland and Oregon on Thursday. Activist Lila Rose explained on Twitter that these were allegedly Antifa members.

“In the pro-abort Antifa Man’s eyes, the only approved choice for a woman facing unexpected pregnancy is to kill her baby. Anything else, & they will rage,” Rose wrote.

Pro-abortion activists additionally called for demonstrations at churches. Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights, which posted a video showing them disrupting a Mass, called on its Twitter followers to demonstrate on Mother’s Day against Catholics. “Whether you’re a “Catholic for Choice”, ex-Catholic, of other or no faith, recognize that six extremist Catholics set out to overturn Roe,” the call reads.


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