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Donald Trump Jr: Biden Supports Open Borders While Denying Asylum to Cubans

Donald Trump Jr: «Biden tienen una política de fronteras abiertas, pero niega asilo a los cubanos»

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During Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit 2021 held in Tampa, Florida, businessman Donald Trump Jr. spoke with Anna Paulina Luna, chief correspondent of El American, in an exclusive interview in which he expressed his impressions about how the Biden administration has handled the freedom protests in Cuba, the border crisis and how it has become normal to sexualize children in Hollywood.

Interview by Anna Paulina Luna with Donald Trump Jr.

At all times, Trump Jr. wondered why Biden implements an “open border policy” but denies asylum to Cubans fleeing the crisis the island has been suffering for decades due to the communist regime implemented by the Castro’s and currently sustained by Miguel Diaz-Canel.

“I think it’s a total disaster and I think it’s grounded in total hypocrisy as well. Right, I mean I was in McAllen, Texas earlier today where the border crisis is going and they want an open border policy, they’re right they’re giving people asylum who don’t necessarily need asylum but would love free stuff. Now Cuban refugees who are risking their lives to come here who are being shot at by a dictatorial regime. They don’t get asylum. Why? Why would they not get it?” the son of former Republican President Donald Trump wondered.

“I mean, it seems that they would actually deserve asylum, but I have a feeling it’s because people who’ve actually lived under a dictatorial regime, people who’ve experienced the nature of communism and socialism aren’t likely to vote for a political party that espouses those same virtues. And so I imagine the Cubans coming over here, they’re not voting for Democrats because that’s where the Democrat party is going and that to me seems to be the only logical explanation for why they would say, ‘You can’t come’, but the rest of the world can have an open border policy,” Trump Jr. said.

Donald Trump Jr: “My grandparents saw the freedoms we have in the United States”

During the interview for El American, Trump Jr. also told the story of how his mother was saved from communist Czechoslovakia. “I got to hear the stories about that as a child growing up and when my grandparents they could only come over one at a time, they weren’t both allowed to be over here because those countries wouldn’t let them both go out because they knew no one was coming back,” he stated.

“My grandparents came over here individually and they saw the freedoms that we have in America. The liberty, the blessing that we have and they said, ‘You have to see the other side.’ It was probably the start of my political career or at least my ideology.”

The son of the 45th President of the United States repeatedly affirmed that the policies of the Biden administration are aligned with socialism and communism.

“It is a failed system, it has failed everywhere. Even the Biden administration finally admitted it the other day because they had no other choice. And yet the ideology and the system they are pushing seems to align with socialism and communism,” he said.

Donald Trump Jr., El American
Donald Trump Jr. (EFE)

Donald Trump Jr. spoke about the crisis at the southern border

On the crisis facing the southern border of the United States, Trump Jr. said that terrible things are happening and if not addressed it could become a humanitarian crisis. He also stated that the media censors what is happening there.

“Joe Biden and Barack Obama in their administration built those cages. Now the media won’t let you tell that story. And if you say so, they censor you. It was only a problem under Trump. Now, those cages are 700% overcapacity. Terrible things are happening,” he said.

“But Kamala Harris can go and stay thousands of miles from the actual epicenter of the crisis. Do a press conference and say, ‘The crisis at the border is because of Donald Trump,” the businessman added.

Trump Jr. called the abuses at the southern border “disgusting” and called on Hispanic Americans to make their voices heard.

“I think we have to be vocal. You obviously have human trafficking crisis, the prostitution and all of that that comes with it. The abuse is disgusting. But you also have a sot of a larger problem: the normalization of the sexualization of our children,” Trump Jr. emphasized.

Donald Trump Jr.’s comments were made exclusively to El American at an event organized every year by Turning Point USA, a non-profit organization founded in 2012 by Charlie Kirk. Since its founding, it has embarked on a mission to build the most organized and active network of conservative grassroots activists on high school and college campuses across the country.

This interview with Trump Jr. is part of a series of exclusive interviews that El American staff held at the event with several conservatives who have made it their goal to stand up for American freedom.

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