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In Rare Move, Jack Dorsey Calls Out CNN’s Fake News

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“I know this from being on the streets of Ferguson during the protests and watching them try to create conflict and film it causing the protestors to chant “f*ck CNN”,” tweeted former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Tuesday.

The comments began when CNN correspondent Brian Stelter tweeted a link to an op-ed accusing Fox News’ Tucker Carlson of selling doubt. To that, Dorsey replied “And you all are selling hope?”

Dorsey’s comments come at a time when the TV network is in trying to regain its audience. As a result, the channel is in the process of changing its management and leadership. CNN’s former president, Jeff Zucker, resigned more than a month ago and, according to reports, his replacement, Chris Licht, was not expected to take over the network until at least April 11.

CNN’s Failure to Recover

A CNN producer, whose name was not disclosed, noted that the drop in viewership came after the former president pushed the network, which he said was once nonpartisan, to the left. He further alleged that Zucker made decisions to affect former President Donald Trump.

“It’s a sorry state of affairs that when CNN should be shining for its Ukraine coverage, it instead is mired in the embarrassing launch of a suboptimal product like CNN+,” the former worker said.

In its attempts, CNN launched a streaming platform. However, an El American article explains that the new service has attracted less than 10,000 daily views after two weeks of its launch, according to reports.

The streaming service’s launch also came amid a whirlwind of scandals in which the job of its former president, Jeff Zucker, was compromised, as well as that of its star anchor, Chris Cuomo, who was dragged into sexual abuse allegations against his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

One of Discovery’s moguls, John Malone, said late last year that selling CNN would be a “coward’s way out,” but that he hoped to see a return to “good journalism” by the network.

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