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COVID Passports: A Chinese Communist Party Directive?

Pasaporte Covid, El American

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It is not known with full probability what may happen in the coming months, at least in the spread of the coronavirus coded as COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 (if we adopt the dialectical-discursive Trumpist rhetoric, we can speak of “Chinese virus” just as we speak of “British” or “South African” strains).

We simply know that, for better or worse, in more than one country, if there has not already been a drastic or partial reduction of the restrictions imposed under sanitary pretexts, it could be said that the month of June would be the one where this occurs.

COVID Passport: A form of monitoring?

It could also be said that the western summer will be faced with fewer restrictions than in previous seasons (it is also true that the vaccination phases, which I am not going to discuss in-depth, are progressing, at a greater or lesser speed, in the various countries of the world).

However, the fact of moving between different states would require an additional bureaucratic procedure, beyond having the identity documents in order or considering the hiring of private insurance with sufficient coverage in case of any undesirable altercation. We will talk about this below.

1. The “Chinese virus” will condition your freedom of movement

It does not matter if you have other contagious pathologies or not. Nor if you are willing (or not) to develop civic and respectful behavior in the destination territory. Apart from other obvious formalities, those of us who want to move between states will need to have a credential based on the so-called “COVID passport”.

Here, in Europe, in the community areas, the Brussels Soviet Eurocracy is working on a sort of “Health Passport” which will be a sine qua non condition for traveling, at least, between territories of the Schengen Area (without the drastic and forceful opposition of any of the countries that are members of the same).

From this summer, it will be necessary to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or, failing to do so, to present an antibody test or a PCR with a negative result 72 hours in advance, as a rule. (A test with some scientific controversy as to its measurement of viral loads).

The measure is practically similar to the so-called “green card” already launched in February by the State of Israel and to the prototype of the Biden-Harris administration (rejected from the outset by the governor of Florida, the conservative Ron DeSantis, whose guidelines against this police statism are being followed by other southern territories such as Texas).

2. New technological paradigms on the table

In the spring of 2020, we witnessed a considerable explosion of apps for smartphones (today’s cell phones), whose purpose was the prevention of infectious outbreaks, even by using Bluetooth.

This was a “major opportunity” for data analysis (one of the practical foundations of Big Data) in that larger volumes of data would be generated, with both qualitative and quantitative variables of varying sensitivity (not just geolocation).

However, there are experts such as Anne Van Rossum, founder of the company Crowstone, who warn that these apps may be scanning nearby devices every 5 minutes, with the risk of monitoring people who have not been physically close (regardless of building barriers or architectural heights).

On the other hand, there are those who believe that there is a development of that paradigm known as the Internet of Things (IoT) that would result in a new concept known as the Internet of Behavior (we would take into account both analysis and knowledge as well as wisdom and behavior).

In this way, much would be made of data on lifestyles, eating habits, physical exercise, biomedical markers related to heart rate and blood pressure. These applications would try, as appropriate, to measure, track and moderate our behavior.

3. We can speak of advances in a totalitarian management model that is being exported around the world

No one can deny the windows of opportunity and technological progress that, both for the positive and the negative, have been derived from this contemporary crisis situation. It is obvious, whether or not for research purposes, that one thinks of innovating or serving new market niches from the technological field.

New challenges are opening up that not only pose ethical dilemmas (we could consider here improvements in privacy) but also motives for launching more powerful hardware or improving the libraries that allow programmers to provide more optimal solutions for data tracking.

However, without wishing to engage in “exaggerated conspiracy paranoia”, it is worth remembering that most states have followed the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), a supranational body that is highly ideologized and committed to globalism, with which Donald Trump rightly broke away when he was president.

There has been an indisputable liaison between the Chinese communist tyranny and the “health side” of the UN that is led by the communist Tedros Adhanom (a key player in the Ethiopian Red Terror, one of the many episodes that allow us to assert that communism has a bloody and criminal history, like the Revolution, in the Plinian sense, in general).

The WHO has been in favor of joining the flagrant violations of the free movement of people and capital, as well as of economic activity (while taking advantage of the situation to promote greater access to the murder of unborn children, i.e., to abortions).

And now, that same China, which was the first to apply these restrictions and which, in line with what was said before, exported a management model that, to a certain extent, was questioned in Taiwan, has an interest in the rest of the world in applying more of its guidelines.

We are not talking about socialism with Chinese characteristics, which cannot and should not be considered at all as a free market scenario where property rights are respected, in its more political-economic prism. It has to do, so to speak, with the “new normal” scenarios.

Specifically, from the Asian tyranny, they aspire that the monitoring (travel conditioning) that the so-called “COVID passport” entails be strengthened on a global and unified scale (in fact, they already have a kind of prototype of this technological solution).

The World Economic Forum, which talks about “ending private property” as part of the “Great Reset” strategy and the “Agenda 2030”, subtly endorses this measure, by mentioning its interest in promoting “a single set of records that avoids unnecessary replication efforts”.

There may not be unanimity when it comes to daring to give a direct and brief answer. However, we can say that China is at the “forefront” and “in the lead” in terms of freedom invasions (squeezing the most out of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data), with the collaboration of certain elites and many states.

Ángel Manuel García Carmona es ingeniero de software, máster en Big Data Analyst, columnista y tradicionalista libertario // Ángel Manuel García Carmona is a software engineer, master in Big Data Analyst, columnist and libertarian traditionalist.

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